Frequently Asked Questions

How is my staff trained?

Training is done through WebEx and typically takes 30 to 45 minutes. Your RxPhoto account manager is also available to answer any questions or provide follow up training.

Is there any equipment to buy?

No. Unlike other clinical photography tools which require the purchase of bulky and expensive equipment, RxPhoto works with your desktop and mobile devices.

Is there a limit to the number of staff?

No. You can have an unlimted number of staff accessing RxPhoto from multiple locations simultaneously.

Can my staff use their own device?

Absolutely. Because images are never stored to the mobile device your staff is free to use their own personal device with no fear of violating HIPAA guidelines.

Are there any contracts?

There are no contracts and you can cancel at any time. Should you discontinue using RxPhoto, you can easily pull your patient photos down from the cloud.

Can I import my existing photos?

Yes. It is easy to import and catalog your existing photos into RxPhoto. Also, we can help you import your current patients and photos at no additional charge.

Is there a limit to the number of photos?

No. RxPhoto allows you to store an unlimited number of patients and photos.

Are photos stored on my mobile device?

No. When a photo is taken it is automatically pushed to a HIPAA compliant cloud server. Images are never stored to the mobile device, ensuring that you are always HIPAA compliant.


Clinical photography photo management and storage app for the dermatology, aesthetics, plastic surgery, vein treatment, medical spa and wound care fields.

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