Make the Most of Client Photos

Capture, secure and share consistent photos and videos with the industry’s most powerful solution.

Medical Photo App for Your Practice

Intuitive photo app for aesthetics

The RxPhoto app is specifically designed to help your med spa, wellness or plastic surgery practice demonstrate treatment success and showcase exceptional patient outcomes. Capture beautifully consistent before-and-after photos, then effortlessly store and manage them with other important client information. Effortlessly store, manage and showcase before-and-after photos to demonstrate treatment success and showcase your exceptional results.

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Perfection in Every Picture

High-quality imaging and editing tools

RxPhoto is the industry’s most powerful tool for showcasing aesthetic treatments and elective procedures. With advanced imaging and editing tools, RxPhoto captures precise, detailed photographs that support accurate diagnosis and treatment, enhancing the experience for both prospects and clients.

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Increase patient trust and treatment acceptance rates through visual aids that help clients better understand their options.

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RxPhoto eliminates the time and trouble of using cameras and downloading image after image into a patient’s record. Instead, you’ll capture high-quality, high-resolution, HIPAA-compliant digital photos with precision and clarity.

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Digital intake and consent forms decrease the likelihood of misreading handwritten notes, helping to eliminate no-shows and reduce the cost and burden of using paper forms.

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Great photos sell more services. Empower your customers with visual proof of progress and they’ll be more likely to return for further treatments.

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Robust Features

The industry leading photo tool

Utilize sliders, ghosting effects, and side-by-side comparisons to vividly showcase surgical or treatment outcomes and enhance client and prospect engagement.

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Just Ask
Our Customers

Easily upload photos into a HIPAA cloud based storage service. Ease of printing photos if required by an insurance company for pre-approval. Very easy to compare photos done at different times in the treatment process.
Joseph T. Jenkins, Tri-State Vein Center, PC | Dubuque, Iowa
I like knowing our photos are secured from a state and federal standpoint. Without RxPhoto, it becomes a DIY process that becomes terribly time consuming.
Jeff Birchall, Carlsbad CA
RxPhoto is THE best value clinical photography solution!
Dr. Christopher P.
RxPhoto has totally streamlined my process and enables my staff to capture high quality and consistent before and after photos at every patient encounter.
Dr. Robert Goodman, CEO | Springfield MA
One of the best capabilities is the tool to compare before and after pictures in order to see progress and results.
Lauren Martin, Miami FL
I like the photo ghosting feature where we have the ability to shadow the before photo to capture a perfect after photo.
Donna Potter, Southeastern Vein Specialists | Hyannis MA
With RxPhoto, managing patient photos is no longer a time consuming chore. There is no need to upload and label photos, the software does it for my staff automatically.
Dr. Omar Fouda Neel, Montreal QB
I like knowing our photos are secured from a state and federal standpoint. Without RxPhoto, it becomes a DIY process that becomes terribly time consuming.
Jeff Birchall, Carlsbad CA

Your Comprehensive Solution

Beyond photography, RxPhoto delivers a range of features tailored to meet the specific needs of elective and aesthetics practitioners. From treatment planning to compliance, RxPhoto empowers you to deliver exceptional care.

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Our most successful customers use RxPhoto with PatientNow’s seamlessly integrated EMR. You can also use RxPhoto with other EMR software.

Treatment Planning

Easily create customized treatment plans complete with annotations and visual references for elective and aesthetic procedures.


Eliminate the security danger of storing confidential photos on personal devices. RxPhoto ensures compliance with HIPAA and other regulatory standards through secure storage and encryption of client data.

Client Education

Clients who know more spend more. Use the RxPhoto consultation center to create interactive presentations complete with educational materials, patient photos for comparison and manufacturers’ resources to sell — and upsell — more procedures.