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The leader in innovative, all-in-one software and consultative service solutions.

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Our Commitment to Success

RxPhoto has long served the aesthetics and beauty industries with unparalleled tools that capture picture-perfect treatment, procedure and before-and-after photography with clarity and precision.
Designed in cooperation with aesthetics industry professionals, RxPhoto is the leader in clinical photography — and the cutting-edge alternative to traditional photography techniques. Thousands of successful clinics and businesses rely on intuitive, easy-to-use RxPhoto to show their results in the best possible light.

RxPhoto + PatientNow
RxPhoto is an integral part of the PatientNow company, a comprehensive business solution for medical aesthetics and med spas. With the launch of PatientNow’s Envision platform for salons, pet groomers and tattoo parlors, RxPhoto capabilities are now fully integrated with and adaptable to virtually any business model.
PatientNow, the elective medical industry’s most trusted and intuitive practice management solution, offers a comprehensive suite of integrated tools to support your entire business, including marketing, payments, photography, scheduling and complete record keeping.

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