With over 16 million photos stored in the RxPhoto HIPAA compliant cloud,

RxPhoto photo management software captures standardized photos faster and excites patients with visual consultation tools

Take high-quality standardized and consistent medical photos using on-screen positioning templates. Minimal staff training required.

Easily manage photos and patient expectations with point of care marketing and education tools.

Customize RxPhoto to your practices’ needs with an easy-to-use administrative panel

RxPhoto photo management software for iPhone fast captures standardized photos

Capture patient photos

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    Create new patient profiles from your mobile device

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    Select anatomical region from standard or custom anatomy lists

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    On-screen photo templates, leveling tool and photo ghosting features create a repeatable process for capturing consistent before and after photos

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    Use drawing and illustration tools to visually annotate images

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    Use the injection tracking tool to streamline the process of documenting injectable and filler applications

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    Photos are automatically encrypted and sent to a HIPAA compliant cloud server

I like the photo ghosting feature where we have the ability to shadow the before photo to capture a perfect after photo.
testimonial photo of Donna Potter, Hyannis MA - Medical photography review Donna Potter, Hyannis MA Company logo for Donna Potter, Hyannis MA - Medical photography
RxPhoto clinical photography software for iPhone

Catalog patient photos

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    Add customizable diagnosis and treatment tags

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    Add notes to patient record or individual images

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    Catalog images during patient encounter or post-encounter using the mobile image gallery

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    Generate and print branded reports directly from your mobile device

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    Customizable consent forms can be signed with a finger on the mobile device

RxPhoto is amazing! Easy to use. Photos are always cataloged properly so they are easy to find when we need them.
testimonial photo of Manu Aggarwal, Lima Ohio - Medical photography review Manu Aggarwal, Lima Ohio Company logo for Manu Aggarwal, Lima Ohio - Medical photography
RxPhoto medical imaging management system for Mac fast captures standardized photos

Manage patient photos

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    Manage patient photos from mobile device or secure web portal

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    Search patient photos by notes, tags, encounter dates and more

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    Compare photos, print images or save before and after photos to marketing galleries

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    Share photos with patients and referring physicians via HIPAA complaint web portal

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    Create branded marketing materials

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    HIPAA Auditing allows administrators to track all aspects of user activity

Easily upload photos into a HIPAA cloud based storage service. Ease of printing photos if required by an insurance company for pre-approval. Very easy to compare photos done at different times in the treatment process.
testimonial photo of Joseph T. Jenkins, P.C. Dubuque, Iowa - Medical photography review Joseph T. Jenkins, P.C. Dubuque, Iowa Tri-State Vein Center, P.C. logo

Want to learn how RxPhoto’s add-on products can turn your clinical photography into a revenue generator?

iPad Consultation App

NewU is a client branded consultation app that allows practices to present before and afters and educational content on tablet or smartphone.

Secure Online Portal

HeathVu lets practices share clinical photographs and information with patients, referring physicians and insurance companies.

Custom Website Tools

GalleryVu embeds your RxPhoto before and afters to your practice branded website gallery with the press of a button.


Clinical photography photo management and storage app for the dermatology, aesthetics, plastic surgery, vein treatment, medical spa and wound care fields.

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