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Effortlessly connect RxPhoto with PatientNow and EnvisionNow platforms, as well as various EMR partners, ensuring unmatched convenience.


Streamlined Management

RxPhoto is part of the PatientNow Pro, PatientNow Essentials and EnvisionNow platform. Use our practice management, marketing, before and after photos, along with social marketing to get a superior patient experience, automated workflow and data management. While RxPhoto integrates with 3rd party EMRs, coupled with the PatientNow and EnvisionNow suite, you will save more time, showcase your results more effectively, and convert more prospects into loyal clients.

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Capture, Manage, and Enhance
Photos like a Pro

The intuitive RxPhoto mobile app helps you spend less time troubleshooting cameras and file transfers by delivering high-quality before-and-after photos.

Help clients visualize previous and planned treatments by incorporating notes, injection site markers and other information into each photo.

Alignment guides, customizable photo templates, ghosting and sequence tools empower you to create consistent images that help clients visualize progress after treatment.

Impress prospects and acquire more paying clients by using RxPhoto comparison tools and photo galleries to illustrate real client results.

Real Results from Real People

Minutes Per Visit
Sheets of Paper
Hours Per Day

Digital Forms

Create customized forms tailored to the needs of your med spa, salon, plastic surgery practice, or wellness clinic. The forms builder is seamlessly integrated with PatientNow and Envision to streamline your workflow and enhance efficiency. RxPhoto’s user-friendly drag-and-drop form builder lets you effortlessly design new forms or modify existing templates.

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Anyone on your team can create or customize forms in minutes with drag-and-drop ease — no design skills needed.

See changes in real time with the built-in preview feature. As you build forms, you’ll see them develop in real time so you’ll know they’re accurate and up to date.

Use our integrated library of form templates or create the forms that work best for your procedures. Design the form fields, brand them for your business and align them with your business workflows.

Patient Records

Here’s the solution to managing, organizing and storing your client records. RxPhoto’s records feature manages data, photos, forms and notes by storing it all in a single centralized location.

Combined with PatientNow, RxPhoto patient records can be expanded even farther to include all the functionality necessary to run your business smoothly and easily.

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The Power of Before & After Photos

Approximately 75% of all consumers will not consider booking a procedure at a center without seeing before-and-after photos of actual results.

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Data at Your Fingertips

Store all client-related data, including photos, forms and notes, in a single place for easy access and more efficient communication.

Streamlined Workflow

Integrate patient records with other systems, such as PatientNow and Envision, to streamline workflows in your surgery or med spa.

Custom-Tailored Care

Because you’re building customized forms, they’re tailored to your workflow, branded with your business and more relevant to each client or procedure.

Patient Portal

The RxPhoto portal offers a seamless telehealth experience that enhances patient engagement. Whether you’re a plastic surgeon, med spa or wellness clinic, you’ll securely consult, review progress and provide personal recommendations from the convenience of any internet-enabled device.

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Review patient progress, including photos and medical history, to assess outcomes and make informed decisions on elective procedures.

Eliminate the need for in-person visits and conduct secure, HIPAA-compliant patient consultations from anywhere.

Foster greater engagement and satisfaction by offering patients convenient virtual consultations that accommodate their schedules.

Provide tailored treatment recommendations and advice based on individual patient needs and goals.

Comprehensive Consultations

Well-informed clients are more likely to say “yes” when consultations help them understand — and ultimately pay for more procedures. Integrate photographs and manufacturers’ product information, and use markup tools to create customized presentations that boost client understanding and confidence.

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Personalized Plans

Combine previous treatment examples, photos and industry information to deliver consultations that address each client’s goals and maximize their investment in proposed treatments.

Clear Communication

Use markup capabilities to annotate patient photos for better communication and treatment visualization.

Boost Patient Confidence

Empower patients with visual explanations of proposed procedures and you’ll build client confidence and enthusiasm that translates to the purchase of more treatments.

Informed Clients Buy More

Clients are more likely to accept treatment when they’re better educated. Help them make confident decisions by providing complete information about the products and elective procedures you propose.

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