Marketing Toolkit

Elevate your marketing through the combined power of RxPhoto, Canva, Swell and Gallery.

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A Quartet of Components

RxPhoto’s unparalleled photo capabilities and Canva’s intuitive design features make it easier than ever to create impressive social media posts and promotional campaigns. Let Swell effortlessly manage your online reputation and enhance patient satisfaction. Create and showcase images on your website with the visual appeal of a Gallery.

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Create with Canva

Unlock a world of creative possibilities with the Canva and RxPhoto integration. Seamlessly sync post-consent images directly into Canva. Then effortlessly create professional-quality social media posts, promotional flyers and email campaigns with ease.

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Easily access clinical images from RxPhoto for use in promotional materials and social media posts.


Tap into Canva’s extensive library of design templates, fonts and graphics to create high-quality marketing materials.


Streamline the design process with Canva’s intuitive interface that makes it easy to create compelling visuals.


Collaborate with team members in real time and access designs from any device for maximum flexibility and efficiency.

Boost Reviews with Swell

Elevate your online persona with the integration of Swell reputation management. Effortlessly collect and monitor patient reviews across platforms like Google, Yelp and Facebook to build trust and credibility. By automating the review collection process and sending timely review requests, Swell empowers you to gather valuable feedback and increase your online visibility.

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Streamline the feedback collection process by automating review requests to satisfied patients.


Monitor and manage reviews across multiple online platforms from a single dashboard.


Gain valuable insights into patient sentiment and satisfaction levels with Swell’s robust analytics.


Enhance your online visibility and credibility by showcasing positive patient experiences through authentic reviews.

Impress with Gallery

Gallery is an automated WordPress plugin that effortlessly builds before-and-after image galleries on your website. Simply note the RxPhoto images you wish to include and watch as the plugin automatically generates compelling gallery pages. And once your Gallery is up, you’re all set — the entire process is automated.

  • Create captivating before-and-after image galleries automatically that match your clinic’s branding and style.
  • Boost online visibility and Increase patient trust and confidence through visual testimonials of successful procedures.
  • Showcase skills and results to prospects who are researching elective and aesthetic procedures.

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