RxPhoto’s mobile medical photography platform impresses healthcare providers with V3 release

xPhoto, the leading mobile and cloud-based clinical photography platform announced that it has released version 3 of its mobile medical photography solution for medical practices and providers. Medical practices can now remain HIPAA compliant while using their mobile devices to securely capture, manage and share medical photos and videos.

RxPhoto helps providers increase patient satisfaction and improve workflow through its patented HIPAA mobile and cloud- based patient photography platform. The RxPhoto medical app eliminates the need for expensive and cumbersome photography equipment with its secure and intuitive medical photography system. RxPhoto’s web-based image and data management platform provides tools to not only store medical photos, but to use those photos to educate patients.

Since 2011, RxPhoto’s mission has been to help providers measurably improve outcomes and increase patient satisfaction using secure mobile and cloud- based communication. Providers use RxPhoto’s software, services and support to transform the way they use patient photos for visual documentation.

RxPhoto’s medical app converts an iPhone or iPad into a clinical photography system that helps practices take standardized and consistent patient photos in which all photos are encrypted and pushed to the RxPhoto HIPAA compliant cloud. RxPhoto has not only improved their aesthetic photo capturing capabilities, they have also added digital consent forms and robust sharing and showcasing tools so that practices can use consented patient photos for record keeping, expectation management, marketing and illustrating services.Of the announcement, RxPhoto CEO Chris Cabell said, “Providers are embracing the technology to not only improve workflow related to image capture and management, but also to provide more coordinated care. RxPhoto is the leader in medical photography by offering additional ways for providers to reduce inefficiencies and improve their top line by measurably raising patient satisfaction.”

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Emily Alten
Writing enthusiast and biology nerd, Emily specializes in educational healthcare and medicine content. She is a Magna Cum Laude graduate from Columbia University with a degree in biological sciences/pre-medical studies.

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