Nextech and RxPhoto Partner to Improve Aesthetic Patient Education and Image Quality

User-centric photography tools deliver higher level of thoroughness in medical professional’s care.

Tampa, Fla. – Feb. XX, 2019 – Nextech Systems, a leading health care technology provider for specialty physician practices, today announced its new partnership with RxPhoto, a collaborative medical imagery solution. This partnership enables Nextech’s plastic surgery, dermatology, and medical spa clients to benefit from RxPhoto’s efficient, user-friendly patient photography app within their existing technology workflows.

When Nextech software is partnered with the HIPAA compliant, image-capturing app, both help to create a replicable patient experience that simultaneously improves patient flow and retention. RxPhoto’s on-screen positioning guides and patented photo ghosting, paired with Nextech’s EMR charting and information input, offer opportunities for further education, expectation management, and marketing activities within practices. Further, the integration ensures all patient photos are consistently captured at the same angle, distance, and rotation within their EMR. Annotation tools allow for precise treatment, procedure, and mole tracking to assist with better charting and patient satisfaction.

“Our team is thrilled about our partnership with RxPhoto and are pleased to provide advanced imagery and tools to better serve our medical specialties,” Nextech’s president and CEO, Mike Scarbrough said. “This latest partnership with RxPhoto is another in a long line of strategic partnerships our team has pursued. We’re passionate about consistently optimizing our collaborative efforts to create better tools and experiences for medical staff that will cultivate enhanced care for our clients and lead to more satisfied patients.”

In this new partnership, Nextech and RxPhoto share a goal of using visual education and consistent patient photos as a practice-building client retention tool. This approach engages the clinic’s current client base, but can also be used to generate interest among the clinic’s social media audience through the use of RxPhoto’s showcasing tools (with proper patient consent) on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

“We are excited to join Nextech in helping the plastic surgery, dermatology, and medical spa fields securely capture consistent patient photos and apply those photos in marketing and illustrating services. We live in a visual world where patient photos and eye-catching education tools are the most important means that an aesthetic practice has to display results, expectations, and their expertise,” explained Scott Alten, managing partner of RxPhoto.

About RxPhoto

RxPhoto is the leading mobile medical photography solution, enabling aesthetic providers to capture standardized and consistent patient photos and use those photos for expectation management and client retention. For more information, please visit

About Nextech

Nextech is the complete health care technology solution for specialty providers. Since 1997, Nextech has been focused on delivering intelligent, intuitive, integrated solutions that empower specialty physicians to maximize efficiency, optimize charting accuracy, and increase overall practice profitability. Nextech services more than 7,000 physicians and over 50,000 office staff members in the clinical specialties of Ophthalmology, Dermatology, and Plastic Surgery.

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